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Attractive product photos? What are the key elements of product photography?

Still not convinced? The following information will help dispel your doubts.

Has it ever happened to you, when the first excitement of opening the package has already subsided, you began to look at the purchased item? After some time you realized that actually this item looked better on the Internet. More attractive…

Attractive product photos? What actually are the key elements of product photography?

Customers largely buy with their eyes.

There’s a reason why restaurant photos pump up their sandwiches to the limit. The lettuce is huge as if it were growing inside, and the meat is dripping with juiciness.

After all, it’s well known that in the digital world, sight is the most acute sense and pretty much the only one that allows us to judge a product regardless of other people’s opinions. Sometimes we desire something mainly because it looks nice, and it doesn’t necessarily perform at its best.

That’s why good photos:

  • highlight the qualities of the product
  • show it from the most attractive side, often in attractive surroundings and light highlight
  • emphasize its proportions – even a small object can make a huge impression
  • contain key or even all functional elements of the item

If you want to sell good product photos online, this is essential.

Gray colors, aggressive lamp light and unattractive background are the domain of photos published privately on auction and advertising websites. Most people associate them clearly with reduced quality or with purchasing risk. In addition, a careless photograph may, in the opinion of the buyer, reflect the attitude of the author of the photograph to the object. Messy packaging, photo composition are discouraging.
Reliable stores require professional photos – or at least properly taken – on a white or other neutral background.

The average cost of one professional photo is from PLN 10 to PLN 50. It all depends on what is being photographed.

Not only that, one professional photo will not win you customers. You have to keep the level in the whole aesthetics of your site.

For this reason, it is worth ordering a photo session of products – that is, sending products for photos in whole series and preferably to one studio. Then you will get identical packshots. They will not differ in the background, setting in relation to the camera, composition of the frame, method of lighting, method of processing.

Thanks to this you will avoid:

  • changes of shots,
  • perspective changes,
  • distance of the camera from the subject

Each time you will receive similar or very similar photos from us. Our photography studio will be able to match them to previous projects

We pay attention to details. Our staff cares about repeatable quality for our regular customers

By ordering advertising photos for e-commerce or auction sites from us, you will receive high-quality graphic files, as well as files in a format suitable for your media.

We can determine:

  • file format
  • file size
  • different levels of compression (from minimum, medium and maximum compression, the latter is associated with a decrease in image quality – it is only good when the images cannot be enlarged)
  • session scenario, environment for individual objects
  • details on photographing all individual products (this process usually involves a lot of preparation time. We have to admit, however, that it is well worth the time)
  • and other details

Why is product photography so important?

Great product photos not only encourage users to buy.

First of all, they stimulate desire.

Just sharing them on social media can be cause for celebration. Even if we don’t see it directly, deep down at a subconscious level of sensitivity, we like to brag about our finds. Especially when they’re beautiful.

How much does product photography – packshot cost?

Good advertising photography includes not only taking a photo, but also retouching and appropriate formatting.

These factors mainly make up the price list of photos.

Unfortunately, it varies greatly depending on the degree of work with a single product.

For example, photographing jewelry is demanding, because lamps and reflectors (permeable light apertures) should be set in such a way as to eliminate all unwanted reflections and keep only those that emphasize the value of jewelry.

On the other hand, photos taken with food only require the preparation of an appropriate composition, but also the styling of individual ingredients. Did you know that photos of food in major fast food restaurants often use artificial substitutes for ingredients to make them look perfect in the photo?

Theoretically, the photos of leather goods and shoes are the least demanding – you will pay the least for them. It is more expensive to take pictures of clothes – whether photographed flat or on a ghost mannequin.

We also do not hide that the less products you provide us with, the more time we will have to spend on all activities, and less on the photographing itself.

Our prices are most affordable over 60 photos. Sometimes it can be photos of 5 products – for example, backpacks or bags that require photos of details. When it comes to ghost clothes or photos of clothes flat, we usually take 2-4 photos (front, back, 2 sides or diagonal) and details (close-ups of lapels, buttons, zippers, tags, prints, patterns and material structure ).

See packshot price list

Regardless of it, contact us, we can positively surprise you.

The scope of our activity: All of Poland.

More details in the descriptions of our offer: Product photography in Warsaw, product photography in Katowice

Frequent customer questions:

What photos are worth choosing for an online store?

First of all, in line with the graphic design of the store. If you started building your store on a template with a small amount of graphics, stick to one photo tone and a few selected colors. You should plan in advance what the next products will be in order to choose a style that matches them.
As for the photos themselves, we suggest choosing proven solutions:
1. Main photos showing the entire product
2. Detail photos – showing details or product features
3. Photos from real use – e.g. in different weather conditions, how the item looks in its natural surroundings, in relation to other items, among which there may be

What can we photograph for you?

All details can be found in our price list.
We specialize in photos:
– clothes on a ghost mannequin
– clothes on a hanger or photos flat (flatshots)
– shoe photos
– haberdashery photos
– jewelry photos
– photos of watches
– advertising photos
– various other packshots – less popular – call to ask for details. We don’t like to limit ourselves.

What do you need to send us to make good product photos?

Of course, the goods, and also, if you want, any extras needed to photograph the product (e.g. different background, decorations). The last but equally important thing is the photo guidelines. If you want specific effects, you must describe them in detail.
We will take care of the lighting, prepare a white background, eliminate shadows, set the focus, etc.

Product photography for e-commerce

We take a number of photos for shops and auction sites, as well as photos for graphics for banners, e-mails, social media and advertisements. Sometimes all these forms require a separate script.

We send photos in the graphic format you choose, usually in two sizes: full photo size and in the target size for the store (e.g. 1000 x 1000 pixels). For processing, we use popular graphics programs, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, thanks to which your graphic designers will be able to edit them at home without losing quality.

You can find opinions about our photo studio in our social media and on the Google map.

See: product photography price list

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