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COVID-19, or move your store online!

The way to the crisis

A good solution is to transfer sales to the Internet. More and more companies are looking for a way to survive there to minimize losses caused by the pandemic as much as possible. Entrepreneurs hastily build their websites or use sales platforms such as: Allegro.

To kill are needed people dealing with “putting” online stores, creating product descriptions and making packshots. There is no doubt that a good “site” and a decent description are necessary, but the most key element in selling over the Internet is a photo of the product. Packshot must be attractive, faithfully reflect the visual properties of the object – color or texture – and should be maintained in the same style as all others created before and after it.

Clear website

Unifying all photos, presenting them in one specific standard can be compared to a nicely displayed product on a store shelf in the physical world: the neater everything looks, the sooner someone will buy something. It is much better to browse virtual shop windows, which have everything equal, transparent, without unnecessary quirks. Simplicity is the essence of effective sales.

It is good to maintain constant cooperation with one photo studio. A photographer who knows the needs of his contractor will quickly complete a series of subsequent projects than the one who is just getting to know his client.

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