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Clothes photos on a ghost mannequin - clothing photography offer

Photographs of clothing on a ghost mannequin add a third dimension to clothing photographs. You don’t need a model to show off a perfect garment packshot.
Advantages of clothing photos on a ghost mannequin
What is the best way to present clothing for sale? On a ghost dummy, of course.
This technique is popular for clothing packshots in online stores, auction sites or other sales platforms, e.g. marketplaces, as well as in dropshipping models.
These types of photos (so-called ghosts) are more and more often presented in analogue media – catalogues, lookbooks, advertisements, leaflets…
Especially photos for women are replacing the model of photography on models, because customers do not want to just see clothes on the model, but see the products in their pure form, on a uniform white background, thanks to which they can compare the photos with other products. For this type of photography, an appropriate female ghost mannequin will be used. We also have a male counterpart.
The price of ghost photography (packshots) is included in our price list. Please contact us for an accurate quote.
Ghost photos are definitely cheaper than sessions with models, because we do not pay people to pose here, and the photographing process itself is not that long. Thanks to this, this category of photos is becoming more and more popular.
With its help, you can perfectly present clothes of different models, it is easier to ensure the unification of photos, i.e. maintain one style of presenting photos.
In product photography, it is very important for the customer to find the perfect mannequin for their products, which is why we are constantly expanding our “mannequin family”, i.e. we buy newer models of figures.
Our collection includes male mannequins: an athletic mannequin – ideal for presenting sportswear and a slim one – perfect for presenting, for example, shirts or jackets.
Among women’s mannequins, we can choose, for example, a mannequin with larger breasts to beautifully present underwear or a standard one, on which e.g. dresses or jackets.
We also have versions of children’s mannequins, thanks to which we can perfectly present children’s clothing. These mannequins are of different ages: it will be an infant, children of different ages from 2-4-6-8 years old and ending with youth models.
Thanks to this solution, you will be able to present your products professionally and attractively.

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