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How to present clothes attractively? Explore photos on the ghost mannequin

“Ghost” photos are gaining more and more popularity, they are more attractive in terms of sales and cheaper than taking pictures of clothes using a model or model. Photos on an invisible mannequin is the direction in which more and more online stores are going, but not only. Increasingly, we also meet them in catalogs, leaflets, banners, etc. Are you wondering if it is worth investing in them? You will find the answer later in the post.

Clothes can be photographed in three ways:

“Flat” photos – these are the fastest photos to take and thus the cheapest, on the other hand, they do not fully reflect the appearance of a given object – clothes look larger than in reality and it is difficult to imagine how they look on a person.

Photos on the model – the most expensive and time-consuming. They require the involvement of more people, and thus matching the dates (which, contrary to appearances, can be problematic). The involvement of models is associated with a dramatic increase in costs. In addition, a beautiful model can distract us from what is most important, namely – the presented clothes.

Photos of ghost clothing, i.e. photos on an invisible mannequin. The pictures are filled inside, they look like they are on a mannequin, but the mannequin is gone. This is the most difficult way to photograph clothes, it involves taking several photos, which are then mounted to make them look natural (assembly requires high precision). The advantage of this type of photo is that we immediately see how the clothing is arranged on the body, we focus on it, because nothing distracts our attention (eg model or mannequin). We see how a given thing looks both outside and inside. Well, what to hide, these photos look professional and “appetizing”. In terms of price, they are in the middle, they are more expensive than “flat” photos, but cheaper than photos on the model.

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