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How to photograph children's clothing? Some practical tips

We will certainly tell you, but you decide for yourself!

Flat, “spirit” or in an attractive arrangement? There are several ways to present children’s clothes, which option you choose depends on your expectations and taste. In our studio you have a choice – we offer both photos of clothes on a ghost mannequin (as one of the few photo studios we have professional ghost mannequins) and flat (on a white background or in an arrangement). Below you can see how the same garment looks on an invisible mannequin, and how it looks flat.

Children’s clothing – ghost type photos

From size 50 to 164 – children’s clothes are not only a huge palette of designs and colors, but also sizes. It is the size of children’s clothing that is the biggest challenge for the photographer. Due to the difficulty in finding the right dummy, most companies only offer packshots flat.

It is noteworthy that our studio as one of the few offers taking pictures of children’s clothes both flat and “spirit”. We have a ghost mannequin of a baby unisex, on which clothes up to size 104 look great. Our second mannequin fits perfectly with children’s clothes (from 110) and teenagers. The exact dimensions of the mannequins can be found HERE. How children’s clothes look on an invisible mannequin can be seen in our ghost photo gallery.

Packshots of children’s clothes flat

Certainly, this is a very popular way of presenting children’s clothes. Photos taken from “above” (from a bird’s eye view), most often on a white background. Photos are cracked (background removed), so you can freely change the background depending on the customer’s expectations. We invite you to see the FLATSHOT GALLERY in which we present sample photos of children’s clothes flat.

Photos of children’s clothing in an attractive arrangement

In addition to photos of children’s clothing on a ghost mannequin and flat on a white background, we also take photos flat in the arrangement. Flat lay photos are a shot of our product taken from above in the company of matching accessories, props. And so next to the girl’s dress there can be a teddy bear or a flower. These types of photos are gaining more and more popularity, mainly due to social networks. So they will work both on the store’s website as well as on Instagram or Facebook. More arranged photos can be found HERE.

Below are some examples of how the same garment looks on an invisible mannequin and how it looks flat.

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