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Photographs of clothing on a ghost mannequin

Photos on an invisible mannequin are gaining more and more popularity, they are attractive in sales and cheaper than taking photos of clothes using a model. Photographic ghost mannequins perfectly present clothes, reflect their cut and focus the recipient’s attention on the product, not the surroundings. The perfect complement to the “ghosts” are photos of details that show stitching, prints or the structure of the material that are important to the customer.

Zdjęcia katalogowe fotograf produktowy
Photographs of clothes for an online store made in the “ghost” technique on an invisible mannequin. This type of packshots are also used in catalogs, folders and leaflets.

Our portfolio includes, among others:

Stages of work on ghost photos:

  1. All clothes are carefully prepared for photos, ironed, arranged and styled on a mannequin.
  2. We take photos on professional photo mannequins.
  3. The obtained photos are processed: we correct the shape, remove imperfections, we gap (remove the background).
  4. We prepare photos for publication on the Internet and/or adapt them for printing.
  5. We pack and prepare clothes for shipment.

The price for one ghost photo with processing and ironing starts from 6 EUR, the price for a detail photo from 3 EUR (see: packshot pricelist< /a>). Please contact us for an accurate quote.

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flatshot flat lay
Flatshot, zdjęcia odzieży na płasko. Najczęściej przedstawiane są w ten sposób ubranka dziecięce.

Photos taken flat are the perfect way to present, above all, children’s clothing. Clothes for children are governed by their own rules, their variety and multitude of sizes make the most effective method of photographing them with flatshots. They allow for an attractive presentation of clothing and, importantly, in the case of online sales, maintain continuity and consistency in presenting clothing.

As in the case of photos on an invisible mannequin, all clothes are carefully prepared for photos: ironed or properly folded to give them the desired shape. Then we process it. Of course, pictures of flat clothes are not limited to children’s clothing. Any other photo of the clothes can be made in the flatshot technique.
The price for one flatshot photo with processing starts from 6 EUR (see: price list). Please contact us for an accurate quote.

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Pictures of children's clothing taken flat from above
Photography of children’s clothing

How to take photos of clothes to sell?

First of all, remember about the professionalism of your photos, regardless of whether the photographed product is worth PLN 20 or PLN 400.

It is best to order all photos to be taken in one studio to obtain the same output effects – that is, a consistent style of photos that will be included in your catalogue.

Can ghost images are suitable for the lookbook?

As a rule, a lookbook should not contain photographs on a white background, because it is supposed to present clothing during use. She creates fashion and a fresh look at clothing. Packshots can be optionally added to it in the form of an add-on, as thumbnails of the product itself. Usually, however, the product is indicated by an appropriate description, and links to the goods are added on websites. Interactive pictures are also cool, which after touching an item of clothing on a touch device, or after clicking on a computer, show a packshot with a description and price of the product.

How to attract and keep customers in an online store using clothing photos?

In our opinion, you should mix the techniques of presenting products. In the store itself, it is worth presenting ghost-type photographs, but in advertising graphics, social media, or those sent in newsletters, it is worth intertwining with photographs on models.

Creativity is often the key to success. However, we assure you that if the product is good, it will defend itself with a picture on a ghost mannequin.

If I had to choose between photos on a mannequin, a hanger, or a flatshot, which would you recommend?

We strongly recommend photos on a ghost mannequin. They are the closest to the natural appearance of clothes on the body.

Interestingly, some of our customers feel that the number of clothes returns has decreased since the “ghost” photos appeared in their store. However, we cannot prove this thesis in any scientific way.

In turn, photographs of clothes flat or on a hanger can be a good complement, which sometimes need to be added for technical reasons of the clothes. As a rule, we advise one of these two types as a complement to photography.




Product photography of footwear

A good product photo of footwear is primarily about showing the texture of the material, important details of the item and accurate reproduction of its color.

In our studio, we photograph women’s, men’s and children’s footwear. Below, among others:

Fotografia produktowa butów Kraków
Product photos of shoes for the online store on Allegro eBay Amazon and other sales platforms

We attach the greatest importance to standardization, we make sure that your shoes are equally lit, set at the same angle, identically framed, so that they look attractive on the website and in printed catalogs. The repeatability of shots and their unification, especially within the collection, testify to the seller’s professional approach to customers.

All photos are processed: we remove imperfections, gaps – thanks to which footwear can be placed on any background.

The price for one photo with processing starts from 3 EUR

The final price depends on the number of products. Please contact us for details. (see: packshot price list).

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Additional information

What will be the minimum number of products to be photographed?

We do not have a minimum quantity of goods required to start a photo shoot. However, you will get good prices with us when you order at least 31 photos (approx. 10 pairs of shoes)

See packshot pricing

Do shoe packshots sell better than shoes on the model?

In our opinion, a new product is always worth presenting in different ways.

On the one hand, to show a packshot, i.e. shoes on a white background, so that nothing distracts our customers and they can see the details of the products. For this, you need the ability to zoom in properly.

Good shoe photos are usually in the range of 3-6 pieces.

For this, it is worth presenting shoes on the model. These are more vivid photographs presenting the product in a natural setting. 2 photos should be enough.


Scale of products in the online store

When deciding to present each footwear collection, it is worth considering the size of the products presented in the photos. Sometimes, customers are faced with the choice of several shoes from the offer and compare them with each other.

In this case, using a single size scale on the photos will help them choose.

Ultimately, however, they can order several pairs, try them on and return the wrong sizes.


Free shipping on shoes? Costs or higher sales?

Every company selling shoes goes to great lengths to make the purchase easier for the customer by offering free shipping while maximizing profit.

Usually, the margins for the purchase of one pair of shoes allow you to offer free shipping, within the cost of PLN 10. But the problem arises when the cost of obtaining an order (e.g. with the help of advertising) is added to the costs, which usually consumes 20-30% of the margin. Many sellers secure themselves with a paid return, which again reduces the interest of customers in shopping in the long run.

The ideal solution would be to introduce a free return on a given purchase amount – e.g. PLN 300. But here again we have a problem, because customers usually order several pairs of shoes – even the same models in different sizes. They end up buying one pair and sending the rest back.

Is there any advice for this? Cold costing will be the best solution. You can also try free shipping and returns testing. It is worth emphasizing, however, that such a test must be supported by advertising in



Professional leather goods packshots

A professional product photo of leather goods is, above all, attention to showing the structure of the material, important details of the item and its color.

In our studio, we perform, among others:

    • product photos of women’s handbags
    • product photos of men’s bags
    • product photos of folders
    • product photos of suitcases
    • product photos of wallets
  • product photos of belts
  • product photos of the case

All photographs are intended to present the product in an attractive way, are of the highest quality, optimized for the website or for printing purposes. We take care of every detail: precise and uniform lighting, setting, maintaining proportions between individual objects or framing. It is extremely important that they are professionally presented on the website and in printed catalogues.

All photos are subjected to graphic processing: we remove imperfections, gaps (remove the background).

The price for one photo with processing starts from 5 EUR

Please contact us to determine the details, the final price depends on the type of photographed goods, the number of products and the delivery time (see: price list of product photos & packshots).

Can’t find the item you want to photograph on the list? Contact Us! Surely you can find more news on FB and < a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>IG!



Product photos of watches and jewelry

Packshots of watches and jewelry are very labor-intensive items to photograph due to the multitude of shapes and the variety of materials from which they are made. You need the right equipment and experience to get the desired effect. Attention to detail, symmetry and, of course, the attractive appearance of the presented product are extremely important.

The price for one photo with processing starts from 6 EUR

Please contact us for details, the final price depends on the number of products, the level of photo retouching and the delivery time (see: packshot price list ).

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Other products

Specialized product photos allow you to increase sales and prove a professional approach. Regardless of whether you sell products online or using traditional catalogs and brochures – a professional photo of your goods is 80% of success. In our studio, we take photos in accordance with the current standards of product photography, the latest trends in given industries and the guidelines of individual sales websites. We care about the highest quality and attractiveness of the presented goods.

In our studio, we photograph not only clothing, footwear, leather goods, watches and jewelry, but also, among others:

  • groceries
  • Chemicals
  • electronics and accessories
  • haberdashery
  • cosmetics
  • perfumes
  • furniture

All photos are subjected to professional graphic processing: we remove imperfections, gaps (remove the background).

Ask for a quote

Can’t find the item you want to photograph on the list? Contact us! Check us out on FB and IG.

Do you want each product on the website to be presented in the same style, while emphasizing their diversity?

Detailed work on product photography results in high-quality graphic files that you can freely use in your company.

To get a good effect, we usually take photos against a dark or white background. Sometimes the binding can be colored, but always homogeneous.

Years of experience and the appropriate equipment of our photo studio allow us to obtain ideal conditions for photos.

With longer cooperation, we save all the parameters of the equipment settings, thanks to which we reproduce the photos with surgical precision. You will get photos that perfectly match the graphics of your brand.


Are packshot product photos protected by copyright?

Of course, like all products, they are protected. At the same time, in accordance with the contract concluded with the client, we transfer all property rights to him, thanks to which he can easily dispose of the images and edit them at his own discretion.

This also ensures protection of the party that commissions us with advertising photos. In the event of a violation of rights, i.e., to put it simply, photography being stolen by a competitor, he may call on the culprit to cease the act, pay compensation or file a lawsuit. You can also earn money by licensing the use of images.

Even if someone thinks that these types of photos look similar to those on the manufacturer’s website, it should be emphasized that they are your property, which no one can take away from you. Unfortunately, many dishonest sellers refer to the fact that the photos are not distinguishable. That’s why sometimes it’s good to protect yourself with a watermark. If the watermark is removed from the photo, it will be a deliberate fraud.


What is product photography? Its part is a product packshot

This is a broader issue than the photos on a homogeneous background discussed here. There are different types of product images.

In the case of clothing, some stores do not use packshots at all, while others consider them a necessity.

On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine food photos without a whole composition of boards, knives and herbs. And yet! Photos without a background are common on the menus of many restaurants, bars and other eateries.

Advertising photography is the widest issue and allows the entrepreneur to present his product. The main question posed here is the creative vision – how should we take the picture, how will post-production proceed.


Packshot product photos are perfect for e-commerce and manufacturers

Photography of products for an online store often requires professional packshots – you need a shadowless tent or a studio with appropriate lighting. The pictures of clothing on a ghost mannequin are also attractive. In more demanding projects, I take 360-degree photos.


What is the packshot price?

See packshot pricing

We specialize in photography of clothing, leather goods, shoes, FMCG products and luxury items.

What are the advantages of packshots?

Above all:

  • emphasize the qualities of the product
  • emphasize details
  • they all follow the same aesthetic
  • these are high quality files
  • they are not distracting – which, contrary to appearances, allows the customer to focus on the product, not to think about other details of the product’s surroundings and escape from the store in search of other products

In addition, an image prepared in this way can be easily applied to a transparent background and then pasted into another composition. Thanks to this, rich digital photos are created.


Packshot photography focuses on high-quality presentation as it is.

In English, this term was previously used to photograph products directly in the box – pack & shot – box and shot.


Help information

What are packshots and where are they used?

Let’s face it, packshots are usually photos of products. They are most often used in sales – in catalogs or on the Internet. A white background (or a different color) allows you to expose the item, present it in its simplest form, thanks to which the recipient focuses only on the product shown in the photo. This allows you to emphasize numerous details of the product, as well as build a uniform aesthetics in the online store and thus encourage the purchase.


Our Gallery – Pictures for auctions and the online store – Packshot


Order packshots – contact us for a quote

We invite you, we take product photos within a few working days, you make an appointment with us, specify the specifics of the order and send us the goods. We care



Arranged photos, compositions and sets

They are perfect for advertising modules in magazines, sponsored articles or corporate promotional materials. Advertising photos, simple or sophisticated arrangements, as well as graphic compositions created in programs are supposed to catch the eye and evoke positive emotions and associations with a given brand. An example of our advertising photos can be found in the photo galleries arranged, compositions and sets.

These types of photos allow for more freedom than packshots. In advertising photos, you can combine products, use additional elements of the environment, and arrange them in an original way.

Professional advertising photos allow you to increase sales and testify to the professional approach of a given company to the issue of self-promotion. Regardless of whether you sell products online or through traditional catalogs and brochures, a good picture of your goods is half the battle. In our studio, we care about the highest quality and attractiveness of the presented goods.

Please contact us for details, the price for an advertising photo depends on the type of product photographed, the level of photo retouching and expectations regarding the final result.

Can’t find the item you want to photograph on the list? Contact Us! Visit our FB and IG.

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