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Arranged photos, compositions and sets

They are perfect for advertising modules in magazines, sponsored articles or corporate promotional materials. Advertising photos, simple or sophisticated arrangements, as well as graphic compositions created in programs are supposed to catch the eye and evoke positive emotions and associations with a given brand. An example of our advertising photos can be found in the photo galleries arranged, compositions and sets.

These types of photos allow for more freedom than packshots. In advertising photos, you can combine products, use additional elements of the environment, and arrange them in an original way.

Professional advertising photos allow you to increase sales and testify to the professional approach of a given company to the issue of self-promotion. Regardless of whether you sell products online or through traditional catalogs and brochures, a good picture of your goods is half the battle. In our studio, we care about the highest quality and attractiveness of the presented goods.

Please contact us for details, the price for an advertising photo depends on the type of product photographed, the level of photo retouching and expectations regarding the final result.

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