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Product photography of footwear

A good product photo of footwear is primarily about showing the texture of the material, important details of the item and accurate reproduction of its color.

In our studio, we photograph women’s, men’s and children’s footwear. Below, among others:

Fotografia produktowa butów Kraków
Product photos of shoes for the online store on Allegro eBay Amazon and other sales platforms

We attach the greatest importance to standardization, we make sure that your shoes are equally lit, set at the same angle, identically framed, so that they look attractive on the website and in printed catalogs. The repeatability of shots and their unification, especially within the collection, testify to the seller’s professional approach to customers.

All photos are processed: we remove imperfections, gaps – thanks to which footwear can be placed on any background.

The price for one photo with processing starts from 3 EUR

The final price depends on the number of products. Please contact us for details. (see: packshot price list).

Can’t find the item you want to photograph on the list? Contact us! See also what’s happening on FB

Additional information

What will be the minimum number of products to be photographed?

We do not have a minimum quantity of goods required to start a photo shoot. However, you will get good prices with us when you order at least 31 photos (approx. 10 pairs of shoes)

See packshot pricing

Do shoe packshots sell better than shoes on the model?

In our opinion, a new product is always worth presenting in different ways.

On the one hand, to show a packshot, i.e. shoes on a white background, so that nothing distracts our customers and they can see the details of the products. For this, you need the ability to zoom in properly.

Good shoe photos are usually in the range of 3-6 pieces.

For this, it is worth presenting shoes on the model. These are more vivid photographs presenting the product in a natural setting. 2 photos should be enough.


Scale of products in the online store

When deciding to present each footwear collection, it is worth considering the size of the products presented in the photos. Sometimes, customers are faced with the choice of several shoes from the offer and compare them with each other.

In this case, using a single size scale on the photos will help them choose.

Ultimately, however, they can order several pairs, try them on and return the wrong sizes.


Free shipping on shoes? Costs or higher sales?

Every company selling shoes goes to great lengths to make the purchase easier for the customer by offering free shipping while maximizing profit.

Usually, the margins for the purchase of one pair of shoes allow you to offer free shipping, within the cost of PLN 10. But the problem arises when the cost of obtaining an order (e.g. with the help of advertising) is added to the costs, which usually consumes 20-30% of the margin. Many sellers secure themselves with a paid return, which again reduces the interest of customers in shopping in the long run.

The ideal solution would be to introduce a free return on a given purchase amount – e.g. PLN 300. But here again we have a problem, because customers usually order several pairs of shoes – even the same models in different sizes. They end up buying one pair and sending the rest back.

Is there any advice for this? Cold costing will be the best solution. You can also try free shipping and returns testing. It is worth emphasizing, however, that such a test must be supported by advertising in

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