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What do we photograph clothes on? So photos on a ghost type mannequin

Advantages of photos of clothing on a ghost mannequin

What is the best way to present the clothing you sell? Of course, on a photographic “ghost” type dummy. Packshots of clothes created in this technique are very popular in online stores, auction sites or other sales platforms; Increasingly, the so-called. “Ghosts” appear in catalogues, ordinary advertising leaflets or leaflets. The advantage of “ghosts” over photos of clothes taken on models is that “ghosts” focus attention only on the clothes, and not on the person who exposes them. In addition, “ghosts” are cheaper than hiring models, and for this it is easier to maintain a single style of presenting photos (unification).

Photographic “ghost” mannequins perfectly present clothes, reflect their cut and focus the recipient’s attention on the product, not the environment. However, in order to achieve your dream photo, you should properly match the clothes to the dummy, the better the clothing “lies”, the better the final effect. That is why we are constantly expanding our “mannequin family” so that everyone can find the perfect mannequin for their products.

See ghost photos

Types of packshot dummies

Among our photographic ghost mannequins there are men’s mannequins: a choice of athletic mannequin – ideal for showcasing sportswear and slim – perfect for presenting e.g. shirts or jackets.

Among women’s mannequins, we can choose, for example, a mannequin with larger breasts to beautifully present underwear or a standard one, on which dresses or jackets fit perfectly,

In our studio we have a wide range of children’s mannequins: we have mannequins in various sizes, ranging from a baby mannequin to a youth mannequin. No matter what children’s clothes you sell with us, you will find the right ghost mannequin and thanks to it you will be able to present your products professionally and attractively.

An arm, a leg, a brain on the wall!

All our mannequins are made of removable parts, have outstretched arms, legs and necks, thanks to which we can take various photos of clothes, e.g. to show the inside of a given garment. Mannequins also have a headgear holder, they are ideal for presenting various types of accessories such as hats, hats or scarves.

Below we present the exact dimensions of our mannequins, so that you can quickly adjust your products and find the perfect “spirit”. Examples of product photos of clothing can be found in our PORTFOLIO of ghost photos. We write more about ghost photos in the OFFER section. We invite you to contact us.

Ghost mannequin MALE:

  • height 174 cm
  • same legs height 110 cm
  • circumference with arms 130 cm
  • cage circumference 103 cm
  • waist circumference 80 cm
  • hip circumference 98 cm
  • thigh 57 cm
  • arm length from armpit to the end of the hand 40 cm

Ghost mannequin WOMEN – type 1:

  • height 166 cm
  • same legs height 108 cm
  • circumference with arms 100 cm
  • cage circumference 87.5 cm
  • waist circumference 63 cm
  • hip circumference 93 cm

WOMEN’s ghost mannequin – type 2:

  • height 163cm
  • cage circumference 83,5cm
  • waist circumference 66cm
  • hip circumference 92cm

Baby Ghost Unisex Mannequin (93cm):

  • height 93 cm
  • Chest 53 cm
  • waist 52 cm

Dimensions of the “larger” children’s / youth dummy:

  • height measured from the heel to the base of the neck (lower part of the neck) – 118 cm
  • cage circumference – 66 cm
  • waist circumference – 55 cm
  • height measured to the base of the neck to the beginning of the legs – 46 cm

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