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Packshot of Monnari bags

Product photos of Monnari bags

What does every woman love? Handbags of course! And how to present them so that they catch the eye and “encourage” to buy? Above all, trust a professional! We have already taken thousands of photos of haberdashery, so we can say that we are specialists in this field. Below we present sample packshots of women’s bags by the Polish brand Monnari.

How are bag packshots made?

Proper preparation at the beginning. Because bags often crease, we need to fill them to get rid of unfavorable-looking creases. Then we arrange them in an attractive way. For this product session, the client wanted to show the object from the front, back, diagonal and in a lying position. Another important aspect is the proper lighting of the photographed product. Thanks to it, we can get the best out of a given item. In the case of haberdashery packshots, well-placed lighting will emphasize the structure of the material, show the “flash” and reflect the color of the photographed object. The final stage is the post-production of the photos. A well-made photo now requires polishing in a graphics program. Cutting out the background, retouching, modifying the shape and voila, we can enjoy a beautiful and attractive product photo.

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Packshot of Monnari bags

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