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Product photos of OHS clothing on Allegro – packshots

Packshot of OHS clothing

Product photography of protective clothing, often colloquially called “robcza</a >” belongs to the kind of photos that are relatively more demanding than the others, because the subject of such a session is an extremely difficult object to model. This is mainly due to the materials used in the production of such clothes. Rigid and difficult to model material causes many problems, it cannot be formed, so the solution is to assemble clothes from several photos.

Folding clothes

When the clothes on the mannequin do not allow to be arranged as we would like, we use “assembly”, because only in this way can we “tame” the material that is difficult to control. Sleeve separately, torso, legs, braces – we strive for the most attractive presentation of the final photo. The sleeve can be tightened with buckles, the legs can be filled with a tube, and the torso can be pulled down to make it tighter and smoother.

Pre-made items

From the elements prepared in this way, we assemble a ghost photo. It is important to keep the proportions between the individual parts, because we might not reflect the nature of the photographed object. You need to take care of the natural arrangement of, for example, sleeves, because poorly folded will look artificial. Seams, waist, collar – we fix at the end, although it is not a rule.

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Product photos of OHS clothing on Allegro – packshots

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